International Artist Eleanor King Hookam



EKH watches Mies House

1995. Eleanor King Hookham, in hard hat, oversees moving the house designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for Robert McCormick to its new location in Wilder Park as part of the new Elmhurst Art Museum.The purchase of the house for the museum was Eleanor King Hookham's plan. Photo by Patrick Ryan/Press Publications

The book about Eleanor King Hookham's art is available here. It includes many color plates of her paintings, as well as a 16-page resume with pictures of her and the influential French dignitaries who attended her one-man shows in Paris at the Marcel Bernheim Gallery and the Bernheim-Jeune Gallrery. In addition, here are links to some of the newspaper articles that describe her life as an artist along with her many accomplishments:*

Triptych in the Elmhurst Library

Crashing Waves - Triptych - on loan to the Elmhurst Library 
from the Elmhurst Art Museum. Oil on masonite, 1972
(See article above)